Website Transfers

to SmallPond Servers

Transferring your website to SmallPond

Transfers become problematic of you do not have access to your complete website

Transfer Steps

If you have a copy of your website on your computer then it is relatively easy to upload the site to your SmallPond server space.

Work out the size of your website and match it to a SmallPond Plan - allow space for future expansion and mailboxes.

All relevant details (username, password, FTP details) are sent in the SmallPond "Account Activation" email.

Your steps would be:

  1. Open a hosting account
  2. Upload your website using the details supplied in the Hosting activation email
  3. Duplicate any existing/active POP3 mailbox accounts on your new SmallPond Hosting space
  4. Change the DNS of your Domain Name - (DNS details supplied in activation email) Details
  5. Instigate a domain transfer using your Domain Secret/Authority Code
  6. Authorise the transfer request and wait for the process to be completed

The advantages of having your own domain and website compared to one hosted on a free space :

  • A more professional image using your domain name
  • No onsite Adds
  • Better search engine recognition (Google Crawler Robot)
  • Dedicated email facilities.
  • Better portability

If you did not build your website, things that cause difficulty in transfer are :
specialist scripts such as shopping carts, SQL databases, non standard html etc.
There is no script to automatically to move these files as they are stored in different locations.

If your site was built using an online builder such as wix, then problems will arise with migration.

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