Certificates and IPs

SSL Certificates and Dedicated IP Addresses

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates for encrytion - IP (internet Protocol) Address for SSL

FREE SSL Certificate with each account

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates allows clients secure browsing on your website.
The data traffic to and from the Server is encrypted.
Essential if there is sensitive information involved.
(online shop payments)

SmallPond Provides 256 bit encryption by way of a Comodo Certificate., activating the browser lock encrytion indicator reassuring clients that the transmission is safer than clear text

Dedicated IP Addresses

An IP address usually consists of numbers grouped into 4 sets.
(IPv4) | (IPv6) 2001:db8:85a3:8d3:1319:8a2e:370:7348
This allows for a unique address attached to your website and the SSL Certificate.

An advantage of a dedicated IP address isolates you from a shared server environment

An IP address costs $20 pa

Call or Email SmallPond if you want further clarification.

Here is Googles' action plan for Chrome 2016-2018

Our plan to label HTTP sites more clearly and accurately as non-secure will take place in gradual steps, based on increasingly stringent criteria. Starting January 2017, Chrome 56 will label HTTP pages with password or credit card form fields as not secure, given their particularly sensitive nature.

In following releases, we will continue to extend HTTP warnings, for example, by labelling HTTP pages as not secure in Incognito mode, where users may have higher expectations of privacy. Eventually, we plan to label all HTTP pages as non-secure, and change the HTTP security indicator to the red triangle that we use for broken HTTPS.

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